• What Are The Issues You Face While Playing RuneScape?

    What Are The Issues You Face While Playing RuneScape?

    RuneScape is an amazing role playing game in which the players can kill the monsters and also set different goals. Features and graphics are the main reasons behind the popularity of this MMORPG game.

    There are also some quests where the players can get the chance to collect some exciting rewards. However, there are also some known issues which have to be faced by the players. In order to know about these issues, you can check the complete article.

    Ø     If you want to play this game, then you are required to have the device with some special requirements such as OpenGL, and ES3, 2GB RAM. If you are thinking to play on Android, then you should have Android 5.0, the lollipop version.

    Ø   The chat window can be overlapped by the stat displays. Not only this, certain boss health bars can also be the main reason behind the overlapping of the chat window.

    Ø  If we talk about the font sizes, interactions, and UI layouts, then these are work in progress. It means the players can’t take advantages of such features properly yet.

    Ø  There are some tutorials which are available for the players; however, they are unable to complete these tutorials. Lumbridge combat academy is the best example of a combat tutorial which can't be accomplished. 

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    Ø  If the player starts doing the system update, then the data connection will be disappeared. Due to this, the app will not respond. Well, this issue can be solved by restarting the device.

    In addition to this, if you are willing to join the world with any other language, then there is a requirement of changing the language setting of the mobile device. After that, restart the map for playing. So, these are a few issues which have been faced by many players.

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