• Dragon Ball Legends Event Mode Explained

    Dragon Ball Legends Event Mode Explained

    Different game developers take strategies to balance the micro economy of the game by giving away gifts, and they keep a provision in the game to crack these resources. For Dragon Ball Legends it is the event mode. Plenty of resources can be won through this mode, and you can grind them multiple times. In this post, we will guide you with all the aspects of Event mode.

    What is event mode?

    There is a storyline in Dragon Ball legends that flows with the battling legends. Events are created with skirmish against one villain, and all your focus has to be on achieving the target set for you. Also, these are to be completed with limited time.

    You probably can't get anywhere else to earn more money incentives, skills and equipment than these events mode.

    How to play these event modes?

    Take advantage of elements

    While choosing which protagonists to bring to the fight of events, you will be allowed to see the elemental matrix in the bottom right location with the five colours and against which they are dominant or small.

    The elemental colour of your heroes will become predominant than ever when you are outnumbered in terms of sheer energy-which will frequently occur in events.

    You will bear less harm and carry out more if you select advantageous items. Zero downsides, so create sure that when feasible, the components are in your favour.

    Additional challenges

    Each task has at least seven obstacles, and in each mission, you will receive unique benefits to clear up all the difficulties.

    Although you have completed all the activity tasks you need, you can repeat earlier tasks to solve those additional difficulties.

    You're probably going to have to use particular characters to make sure you don't bring any harm. Based on what the difficulties are, you're going to get plenty of Chrono crystals and equipment to upgrade your squad. Here is a detailed squad list for you in dragon ball legends.


    If you need XPs or coins quickly, it's appealing to spend your energy on earlier tasks. But we now have EXP and Zeni activities in game mode. It allows the grinding of these two assets much more comfortable and these activities, just like the remainder, should be exploited as needed.

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    However, unlike many other games grinding is an option, and you can use it anytime based on what is your priority.

    Final Rewards

    The most probable bonus you will receive is an Extreme variant of the personality when you lastly wipe out the villain.

    These bonus heroes are a brilliant way to avoid summoning them by spending chrono crystals. On the other hand, if you already have them, pressing them nearer to a limit break can be the best tip to use them correctly.

    In Event mode, the only item you miss is energy by trying to wipe out the extreme villains, but at the end, you get them back again in terms of rewards. Isn’t it worth?

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